Record's compliance to COVID-19 regulations

As COVID-19 continues to spread geographically we have taken the following precautionary measures to mitigate the spread and impact of the disease on our personnel and operations:

  • Continuous monitoring of the South African Department of Health and all other relevant organisations to remain updated on the risk profile and provide updates to our employees;
  • Adherence to all government and client related protocols and monitor various other communication and recommendations including those of the Minerals Council.
  • Travel restrictions both international and domestic;
  • Insisting on social distancing;
  • Keeping all large meetings virtual (Zoom, Skype);
  • Reducing the size of various forms of meetings, including toolbox talks;
  • Updated our visitor protocol. This includes discouraging non-essential meetings and visitors, as well as limited face to face meetings, as far as is reasonably practical;
  • Endorsed strict hygiene controls which have been rolled out across our operations and provided soap and hand sanitisers in working areas;
  • Developed alternative work-plans, including such for essential and operational staff members;
  • Offered employees the flexibility to work from home where possible;
  • Suspended the use of our biometric system;
  • Implemented protocol for personnel to report symptoms and possible contact with affected persons to enable early isolation;